Giving Skin What it Needs in the Way it Needs it

NeoGenesis is in the business of providing skin care and hair care products that enhance people’s quality of life by returning their skin and hair to glowing health. We also actively work with the professionals who serve patients and clients, so that they too can be tremendously successful. Our products help the skin rebalance and heal itself naturally, promoting skin that looks and feels more youthful through our patented “Next Generation” stem cell technology. Our science enables us to harvest an array of molecules from multiple stem cell types. These molecules are the same molecules the skin produces in greater abundance when it is young and healthy, and when applied to aged, damaged skin return the skin to a healthier, more youthful state.

These molecules are packaged in, and protected by exosomes. Exosomes are naturally produced by the stem cell to carry these molecules to the areas of the skin that need them most. Exosomes house their own intelligence and are superior to liposomes for several reasons that are outlined in our Product Science section.

The combination of the molecules and the exosome delivery system make our products the most natural products on the market. These molecules are complimented by a host of other ingredients that your skin needs to nourish itself for rebalanced skin, scientifically known as “Homeostasis Restoration”.

One Simple Solution for so Many Skin Conditions

Because our technology helps the skin return to a balanced state, we are also able to simplify your skincare. With just a couple of key products, we can assist on any Beauty or Anti Aging concern, including fine lines and wrinkles, rosacea, acne, sensitivity and Pigmentation Disorders. Our products also work well with all forms of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, peptides, Hyaluronic acid and other active ingredients used in professional skin care available today.

In terms of Appearance Medicine, our products are superior for non surgical cosmetic procedures, including Botox, Laser, Dermabrasion, IPL, CIT, Ultherapy and Tattoo Removal. Our Recovery product is ideal for pre and post procedure for all cosmetic surgical procedures.

Many of our products are rated oncology safe and may be used to assist in the healing of almost any type of traumatized skin, including Chemo Burns, Radiation Dermatitis, Shingles and wounds from accidents. Equally important, we can assist with chronic conditions like Eczema, Diabetic Ulcers and Bed Sores.

Real customers reviews

“Being in our seventies, we have lost much of the collagen in our arms. Merrilee has bruises that form without bumping anything, and seem to never go away. We treated one arm with the NeoGenesis products (Recovery followed by Skin Serum and Intensive Moisturizer). Two weeks later, the difference is night and day. The arm treated is almost completely healed. The untreated arm looks like it did two weeks ago.” ~ RS

Problem: Actinic Purpura
Products: NeoGenesis Recovery, Skin Serum, Intensive Moisturizer

“I loved how my skin looked and felt after the first treatment with NeoGenesis’ stem cell skincare products along with microcurrent. The redness diminished greatly and it felt softer and smoother. I’m excited to have a home care protocol that will continue to heal my skin.” ~ JW

Problem: Rosacea
Products: NeoGenesis Recovery, Skin Serum, Intensive Moisturizer

“I had a tumor about the size of a ping pong ball removed from my leg which left a large void and a very large incision. I was very upset about the size and knew I was going to have a nasty scar on my leg. My doctor recommended that I use NeoGenesis’ Recovery Serum on the wound, and I am so glad that she did. I am still amazed when I look at my leg, that it healed so well. I cannot believe how the void filled in completely, and the scar is so faint that I have to actually look for it. I am so thankful that I found your products, Recovery is so amazing.” ~ KC

Problem: Scar after surgery
Products: NeoGenesis Recovery

“I have suffered for over 20 years with a leg rash that was eventually diagnosed as eczema. I thought for sure I would never be able to wear shorts or a dress. I tried everything that was available, from Dr’s RX’s to professional Spa products with no change or effect. But after finding and using the NeoGenesis Recovery Serum for only 2 months, it has disappeared (and stayed gone now for 5 months). No more red, no more itch and now I am only dealing with some leftover hyper pigmentation.

LOVE it! Cannot say enough wonderful things about this serum!! It has literally changed my quality of life!” ~ BK

Problem: Eczema
Products: NeoGenesis Recovery

“My husband, Brian, started the NeoGenesis hair growth serum in November. After only one month we could see hair growth! It’s been six months now and the results are truly amazing. We are excited to see what the next six months bring.”

~ JD

Problem: Hair reduction
Products: NeoGenesis Hair Thickening Serum

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